I’ll be populating this page with a few of my favorite complementary healthcare providers and other great resources.  I have no financial relationships with any of the movement, medical or fitness links below. Some product links may be affiliate links, in which I receive discounts for my future purchases or a small percentage of sales. 

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Fitness and Movement
Massage Therapists
Medical Providers
Virtual Psychotherapy / Counseling:
Primary Care Physicians:
Physical Therapists:
Business Tools
Sustainable and/or Health Supporting Products
How I live without a car

Fitness and Movement

My YouTube Channel (mostly gentle / therapeutics classes):

Get two free classes at Mint Gym:

Personal Trainer (affiliated with Mint Gym): Myke Nicholson

Swim Coaching: Michelle Benjamin MSW


Lisa Bregman, LMT (Cathedral Heights neighborhood of DC)

Daniel Talented Touch: (Downtown DC)

Mike McCagh, LMT : Washington, DC – 808-339-4742

Rolfing (myofascial release) / Visceral Massage :

Anne Golla (U Street and Woodley Park metro locations) – also Barral visceral and neural manipulation

Terrence Olivierra (travelling nationally and internationally)

Medical Providers


Paul Robison (treats in Downtown DC at Eaton Hotel and in Mount Ranier, MD)

Andrei Stoica, MSOM, L.Ac., MQP @ Pekoe Acupuncture + Wellness –, 1410 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Virtual Psychotherapy / Counseling:

Sarah Pogue:

Primary Care Physicians:

Dr. Aparna Miano

Dr. Varun Sharma

Dr. Kaylan Baban @George Washington Hospital

Dr. Sherif Hassan, Internal Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner,  part of the National Integrated Health Associates up in Bethesda. and Maryland Urgent Care centers in Latham.

Physical Therapists 

Richmond, VA – Dr. Laura Welch, PT, DPT, CFMT –


Eartha Harris: (Virtual, group or individual)

Victoria Wood – DC and Takoma Park

Teri Cochrane – Northern Virginia

Business Tools:

I use Mailchimp for sending emails: – it’s free up to your first 2000 subscribers, and it’s easy to use.

I use Quickbooks for managing my business – get 50% off with this link

I study/brush up on my physical therapy knowledge with MedBridge multiple times a week

use code ARIELE50 to save $50 off my friend Francesca Cervero’s online training “The Science of the Private Lesson”


I use AirBnB business nearly always when I travel for retreats (before and after) Save $40 off AirBnB

I love Getaway.House (tiny cabins) and this link will save you $25 (embedded coupon code) on your booking:

Sustainable and/or Health Supporting Products:

Self-Myofascial Release Tools

Stop supporting factory fabrics = Buy organic clothing! This link will get you 20% off your purchase from Pact Organic: use code ARIELE20 to save 20%


Get your financial act together, yogis. We need to rise:

Betterment has socially responsible investment option:

Fundrise — allows you to invest smaller amounts of money in real estate without taking on the responsibility of owning

$150 cash back with this Chase Credit card:

How I live without a car:

Try @Getaround with $20 and access cars from your phone.

Via (more affordable alternative to Uber and Lyft available in select cities): ariele7a2

Save $10 on your next food order with Caviar App:

(old pact


Well-being Activist resources:,,


Two books on the Rajneesh / Osho cult very much worth reading for their historical and contemporary relevance to yoga: My Life in Orange –, The Promise of Paradise  –

Genetic testing: get your free DNA test from Genes for Good, a an app embedded within Facebook, then get it interpreted at Promethease, Selfhacked, Strategene (clinically relevant SNPs only – created by Dr. Ben Lynch)