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Signature Yoga Workshops:

Please email to schedule one of these workshops at your studio. (We can provide graphics for your posters and social media images for each of these workshops.)

– Way of the Happy Fascia
– Chaturanga Clinic
– Way of the Happy Sacrum
– Way of the Happy Hips
– Core wisdom Ignition
– Supple, Stable, and Centered: Yoga for LumboPelvic stability
– Spacious Side Body
– Goddess and the GrassHopper 
– Conquer Headstand
– Bakasana Like a Boss
– Breath Medicine: Pranayama the Kripalu Way
– Juice the Flow (on Vinyasa Transitions)
– Maha Kali Namaskar
– Forearm Flight
– Principles of Intelligent Sequencing

SERIES: Yoga 108: Advance Your Practice series includes: Chaturanga Clinic, Bakasana Like a Boss, Conquer Headstand, Juice the Flow and Forearm Flight , the combination of which helps transition students from beginner or all levels classes to intermediate or more advanced classeschaturanga clinic, yoga workshop

Anatomy workshops through Yoga Anatomy Academy:learn yoga anatomy online with a doctor of physical therapy

– Lumbar Spine, SI Joints and Pelvis (3 hrs minimum)
– Healthy Hips (at least 2 hours)
– Sequencing for Happy Sacrums
– Way of the Happy Shoulders (at least 2 hours)
– Wrist Revival (2 hours)
– Knees and Toes (at least 2 hours)
– Anatomy-based Sequencing (3 hours minimum)
– Anatomy or yoga therapy topic of your choice (any body part, body system, injury category or condition)
– Hypermobility and Yoga Talk – 1 hour offering


Workshop Testimonials:

Juice the Flow:

– Juice the Flow was pretty awesome.  Totally changed the way I moving between the poses.  And updog… wow!

Pranayama the Kripalu Way:

– thank you so much for such a great practice at YogaJam. I could have thought of no better way to begin my day. 🙂

Available for Online Purchase (on

Way of the Happy Fascia, Myofascial Release Yoga Workshop

Chaturanga ClinicBiomechanics of the Shoulder Girdle Yoga

Sacred Source Yoga (Ariele) posted 4 photos and a video on Instagram — with Ariele Foster.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 11:21 am

FIERCE FEMININE FEELS. On a family trip, age 11, standing in line at 7/11, the middle age man behind me stood close enough that I could feel his jeans on my back side. I inched forward, not wanting to accidentally hump the person in front of me. But after 10 seconds again felt the pressure against my back side. Was I crazy? Should I be scared?

At age 13, after being told unspeakable words and threatened every day with rape by a fellow 13 year old in my middle school art class over 6 months, word got out. I — along with the boy — was taken to the principle’s office and *reprimanded* and *Shamed* by multiple *key* adult figures in my life. After all, 13 year olds “shouldn’t” speak like that, or know those words. I arrived in high school with a “reputation”. I had never even kissed a boy.

[It took me 5+ years for the *First* wave of realization and emotional unpacking to hit me: I had not done anything wrong…that my experience was a true clear case of sexual harassment. It didn’t help that the art teacher, who barely paid attention to her wild classroom, won Teacher of the Year for the city. She was popular because she let the kids roam free, but she could have shut that shyt down in a heartbeat had she just. looked. up.]

At age 17 in a Barnes & Noble, I became aware that a man was following me around the store. I kept moving, trying to dodge him. (We’ve all been there, right ladies?). Just when I thought he was gone, I glanced up to see his genitalia exposed…explicitly for me. He was never caught.

Twice (that I can remember in this moment), male bosses made extremely un-subtle flirtatious overtures toward me that ramped over over time, and created conditions that made me wonder whether I would be able to keep my job.

Once, while traveling in Ecuador alone, age 24, I asked for directions to the bus station. A young man said “Sure, I’ll walk you there”. After a block, I realized we were heading *away* from the commercial area, away from where I was pretty sure the station was located. I had the wits to stop. He tried to joke with me saying he was instead bringing me to meet his parents. Continued in comments…

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 11:51 am

Yes! Saturday #NamasDayFest comes to @georgemasonu (Clarendon metro). I’ll be leading “Way of the Happy Sacrum” at 11am — designed for @Yogaanatomyacademy and perfect for all the #yogis. Have you signed up yet? Full day, half day and single class passes available #namasdaydc #namasdayfestival #yogafestival #namasdayfestivaldc

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Sacred Source Yoga (Ariele) is with Yoga Anatomy Academy and 2 others at YogaWorks 14th St NW.

Sunday, 15 October 2017 11:22 pm

Simply delight in your senses…feel, taste, touch, hear, smell, see and BE beauty daily. Awakening to your senses is the highest form of presence and mindfulness.
Ironic, right? Since the “mind” of mindfulness sometimes leaves us completely in our heads.
On this Sacred Sensual Sunday be in present moment through experiencing your senses. Honor the day and this moment and lifetime by carving out time to explore what is pleasurable to you. Check in with how you can be more loving with you.
#goddessyogaarts #aphrodite#sexualsovereignty #pleasure#sacredsexuality #sensuality

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Sunday, 15 October 2017 10:28 am

What holds you back from your dreams? (Full Moon, Full Heart Yoga Retreat savings ends at midnight. I hope you’ll join me.)

Sign up by Sunday to Save $200 on Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Namas Day Celebration Oct 21 :: Science Yoga Sundays talk

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Friday, 13 October 2017 1:20 am

An essential pose of vinyasa yoga, chaturanga is actually incredibly advanced and complex. Chaturanga dandasana has dubbed a “shoulder shredder” because even slightly sloppy form, over and over, class after class, does an unfortunate number on your tendons and muscles (rotator cuff, pecs and biceps) as well as the shoulder joint itself.
Consider this workshop a guiding beacon that will keep you healthy, happy and safe on the yoga mat for years to come.

Chaturanga clinic is here for you! Receive:
– Personalized feedback on your Chaturanga dandasana
– Steps to refine and build strength toward full, sustainable chaturanga
– Ramped up quality of transitions into and out of chaturanga
– Options for modifying the pose without dumbing it down (or losing out on strength building)

We will also playfully explore the jumpback from crow and uttanasana, and how to decide if it’s time.

Attendees get a PDF summary of some of the strength-building techniques and modifications that we practice together. (So you can continue improving your chaturanga form afterward).

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:34 pm

#nofilter I invite you to join me on a magical, mystical, sacred (but grounded!) yoga journey – a week long retreat to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Jan 28th-Feb 3rd, 2018.

This year’s incredible itinerary will include a fire ceremony, a full moon ceremony and a cacao ceremony. Mornings and afternoons will be spent in skill-building firey-and-nectary yoga practices. Days will be full of plant-based cuisine, trips to ruins and indigenous marketplaces, Mayan sauna, and peaceful laps of water on the dock, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding.

Come feast on homemade tortillas and infinite pots of ginger tea. Treat your body, mind, spirit, and adrenals to a full reboot.

The first stage of early bird discounts saves you $200! This savings ends Oct 15th (Sunday — just 3 days away). The whole lake is pure magic, but this particular spot…bliss.

If you want to talk about whether it’s the right retreat for you (All “Levels” are welcome), just message me and we can set up a time.

Prices start at just $1089 for shared rooms. Deposit option available.
Only one private room left! for details @ Lake Atitlán

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:57 pm

Save $200 if you sign up by Sunday! Guatemala Yoga Retreat Early Bird Deadline OCT 15 💗

Sign up by Sunday to Save $200 on Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Namas Day Celebration Oct 21 :: Science Yoga Sundays talk

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Sacred Source Yoga (Ariele) is with Yoga Anatomy Academy and 2 others at YogaWorks 14th St NW.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 11:28 pm

This much I’ve figured out: none of this is worth it without a sense of humor. And we gotta be 💪🏾 strong on all levels (#koshas). Not just for ourselves but for others. If you don’t like humans 😉, then for the furries, flyers and crawlies. Here’s a splayed #utkatasana #utkatasanavariation that I believe I learned from the very strong and funny @amyippoliti. Um 💥#gluteusmedius 🔥☄️

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Sacred Source Yoga (Ariele) was live.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 12:47 pm

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:26 am

Guatemala Yoga Retreat Jan 28-Feb 3rd, 2018:
Full Moon, Full Heart
Join me, Dr. Ariele Foster, during the first blue moon of the year for a ritual-filled experience of physical alignment and well-being like you’ve never experienced.

* Earlybird discounts through Oct 15th (Save $200!) and Nov 15th (Save $100)

Sacred Source Yoga (Ariele)’s cover photo

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